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— [] It is impossible to totally control another human being. Therefore, the misogynist’s quest is bound to fail.

:: RT: The misogynist is frustrated and angry much of the time. Sometimes he is able to successfully mask his hostility. But at other times it will manifest itself as psychological abuse | #misogynists #psychology #women #men #WomenAndMen

There are power struggles in all relationships. Couples disagree over money, how to raise the children, where to go on vacation, how often to see the in-laws, who has the nicer friends, and who they should spend time with. While these issues may cause conflict, they can usually be negotiated with caring and respect.

In the misogynistic relationship, negotiation and compromise are in short supply. Instead, the partnership is played out on a grim battlefield where he has to win and she has to lose. This power imbalance is the major theme of the relationship.

The misogynist must control how his partner thinks, feels, behaves, and with whom and what she involves herself. It is amazing how quickly even successful, competent women will disavow their own talents and power in order to gain their partners’ love and approval.

- The typical misogynist expects his partner to be a never-ending source of total, allgiving love, adoration, concern, approval, and nurturing. He enters into a relationship with a woman very much as a hungry, demanding infant does, with the unspoken expectation that she will be totally giving and will meet all his needs.

"Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them," 1986 by Susan Forward and Joan Torres - PDF ::

Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them - PDF - Official Website - BenjaminMadeira


Misogyny & Misandry: Michael Kaufman and Jude Kelly discussed. This session was part of the Women Of The World Festival at the Southbank Centre, 6-10 March 2013 in London


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